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Do you intend to study a master’s degree, and are you looking a lot for a guide that will help you ease your way, or even help you to choose a specialization in particular, which is of importance over many disciplines, if you are one of those who intend to start their journey in studying a master’s degree in Canada, and you want a guide to guide you on the appropriate path and how to determine Your destination, all you have to do is follow that article, and through it all the question marks that meet you and the unanswered questions will disappear, as all of this will become clear.

When you go to a new restaurant, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course, you want to know what are the best foods to serve to get a delicious meal. The beginning of your studies is exactly like that idea. It is natural that the first step you will ask yourself about is to see which major is best for studying! Are certain areas more important than others? then, this is what we will talk about in this article.

Choosing the appropriate university to study a master’s degree in Canada

There are several factors through which you evaluate, then you will be able directly to determine the best university for you to start studying, and the most important of these factors are:

1- Academic excellence

What leads you to choose one thing over another with complete satisfaction? Of course, the reason is that it distinguishes it from others with many good advantages, so in order to be able to know the best university, you have to make a table compared to the universities that you have already nominated to apply to, you have to know what subjects you offer in the field you have chosen, and how Teaching, the quality of theoretical and applied learning, and also the search for the competence of the faculty members of that university, all of these steps will greatly help you in determining the university that received the highest percentage of votes through your evaluation of it, and thus you have already been able to make your decision in the point of study within Campus.

2- The university website

Have you already provided your own accommodation to start studies? Therefore, you should note that choosing a university and housing in a nearby place that includes them is one of the most important steps that you have to focus on. Without the feeling of effort and time draining, so when determining the location, do not forget that the university and housing are an integral part of your beginning to study abroad.

3- The cost of living in the country

One of the most important and most important factors that make it easier for you to study in the country is knowing its currency, the cost of living in it, and how much money you have to save in order to start your steps. On how to live in Canadian cities, you can visit (Numbeo) and find out all about tuition costs, and you will be able to know exactly what you have to save.

And you should take the advice of those who preceded you and traveled there before, as there will be a wide background on the details of everything you want to know, so do not be shy to ask for help, so that you can ensure a safe living during your study period, without a material threat facing you, disturbing the peace of the journey and study. .

4- Using the expertise of international students

Human communication in our current time has become one of the most useful and easy means of communication. Your knowledge of the experiences of others helps you a lot in starting any step you intend to take. Therefore, when developing a study plan in Canada, you should look for students who already reside in the state of Canada, who are also studying. This will enable you to know in detail about all the steps that you want to know something about. So create your community and inquire about everything you want to know, and you, too, will one day become an archive for every student who comes after you, who would like to start on the same step that you have finished with.

The Best Universities To Study In Canada:

1. (Royal Roads University)

2. (Thompson Rivers University)

3. (Athabasca University)

4. (Winnipeg University)

5. (British Columbia University)

6. (York University)

How to apply to universities in Canada to study a master’s degree?

Your application to Canadian universities will have special requirements, including:

Letters of recommendation


Proof of financial ability

mastering English language

Your own passport

Student visa to study (for a period of more than six months in Canada)

Note that you can submit your application online at a cost (CAD 160).

The Canadian government will also require:

Financial proof

Evidence of general health and welfare

Proof of no criminal record

Your university acceptance letter

And for the ease of your steps, you must start your journey by applying for your student visa as soon as you receive admission in the Canadian university that you intend to attend.

Top 10 majors for master’s study in Canada

1- Master’s degree in computer science

In the world in which we are now, who among us does not use the computer to do everything and facilitate most of his affairs? In Canada, Canadian universities have a wide range of computer science majors, from studying data, robotics, and cloud computing, to business systems.
As computer science covers all different business scopes to help in scientific tasks and projects of all kinds and even scientific research, and in information technology training companies, there is really no field that does not need a computer alongside, and of course this leads to a strong demand for people who master that specialty, Which leads to a significant increase in their chances in the labor market, and the other advantage is that there are jobs waiting for you in the state of Canada, once you finish your studies, so the field of computer science presides over all the important and different fields.

2- Master’s degree in Civil Engineering

Who among us does not see at least a major one when he walks in the street, and how much you wonder when you see certain buildings, how they were built with perfection, and in an aesthetically impressive manner at the same time, the field of civil engineering has become very important, in the design of a major, a building, and even an entire city in the form of Coordinated and solid, through your studies in that field in Canada, you will be able to obtain the opportunity to take a high level of experience in urban and environmental planning as well, and you will be able to learn the design of bridges and highways, or buildings, in your studies of civil engineering you will be able to learn how to build solid structures, in a manner Glamorous aesthetic, all at once.

3- Master of Public Health

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live in Canada, you will receive special attention and care, as Canada is very interested in the field of public health, and if you intend to work in Canada upon completion of your studies, this is the right place for you.

You will find many available opportunities awaiting you to start working directly, and if you are wondering what places can work in, you will have the opportunity to be appointed to the Canadian Public Health Agency, public health units, or the Ministry of Public Health, as well as the World Health Organization, who In this field, you can apply the Arab proverb that says “to kill two birds with one stone,” meaning that you will be able to live well and distinctly, in addition to your participation in the continuation of this advantage in the country, and you will be a beneficiary and useful at the same time.

4- Master of Finance

Canada is distinguished by the study of finance, because its economy is one of the most developed economies in the world, where the country is interested in the field of the public and free market, and the high level of social security, and as you intend to study financial affairs, you will learn about financial systems around the world, but you will depend entirely on Monitoring the economy in Canada, evaluating the advantages of the system, and participating in its development directly.

5 – Master’s degree in Human Resources Management

If you are a follower of the labor market and the human workforce, and you have the passion to know how this happens through study and analysis, it is wonderful that Canada pays great attention to the field of human resources, as it works to promote job opportunities and equality in various fields, as Canada directed It also cares about minorities and provides support for them, so studying human resources management in Canada helps you understand the basic principles of work and suitable jobs, and you can learn valuable techniques that help you understand the labor market, with its sudden and continuous fluctuations.

6 – Master of Mechanical Engineering

The field of mechanical engineering is one of the most important and broad fields in the digital age that we are witnessing. If you are one of those who enjoy practical study, you can do so in Canada, as it provides advanced laboratories for research and work in the field of mechanical engineering, on a global and distinguished level, and you will acquire many Valuable scientific skills, gain broad insights into the field of vehicle engineering, learn computational fluid dynamics, and participate in various mechanical engineering projects.

7- Master of Pharmacy

If you intend to study pharmacy in Canada, you are lucky, because Canada studies many different disciplines in the field of pharmacy itself, including drug and vaccine delivery, medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, and clinical pharmacy as well, and by studying pharmacy you will be able to From, access to state-of-the-art research laboratories, such as private organic synthesis rooms, cell culture facility, and pharmacy laboratories.

So your start to study pharmacy will be an amazing start, in the drug industry, discovering new drugs, manufacturing them, and preparing for the pharmacy profession effectively, after completing the study.

8 – Master’s degree in electrical engineering

Through your studies in the field of electrical engineering in the State of Canada, you can get distinguished opportunities in learning, and this happens because the country enables its students enrolled in a master’s degree to combine general engineering knowledge, design projects, and even knowledge of a lot of laboratory work, in addition to In addition, many distinguished training courses will be available to students, which in turn focus on the principles of electrical engineering.

And if you are interested in the field of economics, technical writing, or ecology to know the business environment and industry on the ground, you can take useful and valuable lessons in all of these disciplines.

9 – Master’s Degree in Psychology

Are you someone who really wants to study psychology? If you want to learn the field by actually practicing it, you will find your application in studying it through Canada, as the country of Canada is characterized by the fact that it provides students with many opportunities to obtain training in many different places, no less than the other.

Canadian universities provide you with great scientific experience, by acquiring it from the people of the same specialty, where you can train in the field of psychology, through local clinics, and some universities that have their own academic teaching hospital, and among the important specializations that you will be able to study, during a period Masters, majoring in behavioral neuroscience, child development, and cognitive sciences. It is also advantageous that you can learn from eminent professionals, who have research experience in any field that you will actually study.

10 – Master’s degree in international relations

There is no doubt that the field of international relations has become one of the most important and popular specializations today, as the master’s degree in international relations is among the best scientific degrees that can be obtained, as this field does not close in on itself, but rather opens many opportunities to study other disciplines besides it, such as studying Global finance, international political economy, or humanitarian intervention in political decisions, legislative regulations, and social policies.

This leads to obtaining great and wide knowledge in the field of international relations, not only of developed countries, but of developing countries as well, and through your studies you will be able to learn how to evaluate strategies that lead to broader and more comprehensive goals such as peace and stability, and the study of this field is distinguished by that it leads you to learn Foreign languages, study in many countries, continuous research, and also be able to request internships with international organizations such as the United Nations.

Thus, we have dealt with studying a master’s degree in Canada, through your knowledge of the best and most important majors, and how to choose the appropriate university, moving on to how to apply in Canadian universities to study a master’s degree. Your future, and the specialty that you dreamed of joining, as each field is subject to addition, renewal, and distinction more, and this happens because of people who have made efforts and time, in order to be able to reach their goal in their professional future.

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